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ULTRA CLEAN ZONE started due to the experience of our original cleaning company, DGM.

DGM was the original cleaning company in the Carolinas, where we served different industries, from residential to construction.
While providing these services, we discovered a gap in how they were provided, especially in the commercial industry.

Thanks to the number of high-profile clients DGM had, we could take some time to analyze their needs in-depth and find some blindspots in how the cleaning services were provided.

Here are some of our findings that became the core of our service at Ultra Clean Zone.

Cleaning approach.

Cleaning is usually taken as a mechanical procedure to make surfaces look good. But a whole range of needs appeared when we decided to think of it as a way to preserve business assets. Our focus on the business impact of the cleaning process allows us to prevent unseen threats to your economy and provide more durable solutions, lowering your expenses.

Building trust.

Being trustworthy has always been at the core of our culture. But we realized that to go even deeper, we needed to ensure fluid and flexible communication so that you could stay informed and make the best decisions. That is why we decided to include bilingual coordinators in each team so that you stay informed and make the most informed and effective decisions.


One of the biggest wastes of money in commercial cleaning comes from double-cleaning and hidden spots. Double-cleaning is when you clean something that needn’t be cleaned while leaving blind spots that erode your assets. We solved this by defining your cleaning strategy upfront so that you understand why you make decisions and can foresee your needs in the future. At the end of the job, we hand in a report so you can keep track of what’s been done and organize yourself for the following months, having complete control over your cleaning budget.

We don’t only clean your space, we declutter your mind from worries as well.

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